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What Can Massage Therapy Do for Me?

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There’s quite a bit of good that can come from having a massage at least once a week. Under the care of a professional therapist, you will find that ongoing massage therapy will do wonders for you on more than one level. Here are a few of the benefits that you will enjoy by scheduling a session regularly. Coping with Stress One of the more common benefits associated with massage therapy is the ability to release stress. Even if you are keyed up when you settle onto the massage table, it won’t be long until you feel the tension in your shoulders begin to melt away. While a massage may not eliminate the underlying causes of the stress, you will leave the spa feeling more capable of handling whatever life throws your way next. Promoting Improved Blood Circulation There’s plenty of studies that show massage therapy is good for the circulation. That, in turn, provides a number of health benefits. When the blood circulates more efficiently, essential vitamins and nutrients are carried to every part of the body. That has a positive impact on the way you feel physically and mentally. That includes helping you to concentrate on tasks with greater ease and having the physical stamina to complete them. Easing the Racing Mind Anyone who has experienced an anxiety disorder understand that the mind simply will not stop. It seems to go from one topic to the next at breakneck speed. Along with being emotionally exhausting, the mind racing also takes a physical toll. Massage therapy provides a respite from the racing mind. You may even begin to nod off while the therapist is kneading your muscles. It’s not unusual for a person with an anxiety disorder to feel less nervous and more in control in the hours after a session. Relieving Pain and Stiffness If you are physically active, it’s no surprise that sore muscles and stiff joints can develop after workouts or playing sports. That’s where massage therapy helps. The work of the therapist helps to loosen tight muscles and works out the stiffness in the joints. You’re bound to feel better by the time the session is completed. Even those who are not physically active can benefit from relieving the muscles. When was the last time you saw a massage therapist? If you’re having trouble remembering, today is the day to visit Sneed MediSpa and Wellness in Memphis, TN. Contact us today to schedule your massage therapy session!