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OCTOBER 2023 | Skincare Secrets of Fall and Winter: Why These Seasons Are Peel-Perfect

Peel-Perfect Season

Fall and winter aren’t just about cozy sweaters and hot cocoa – they’re also the unsung heroes of skincare, especially when it comes to peels. Here’s the lowdown on why these seasons are prime time for peeling away those skin woes:

☀️ Sun Takes a Vacation: During fall and winter, the sun’s intensity takes a chill pill. With fewer harsh UV rays, your freshly peeled skin can recover without feeling like it’s been on a sunburn safari.

💧 Humidity Hibernates: These seasons bring drier air, which means your skin is more receptive to peels. Without excess moisture, peels can exfoliate more efficiently, revealing the smoother, brighter skin beneath.

🧣 Scarves & Cozy Cover-Ups: Fall fashion isn’t just about looking fabulous; it’s your secret weapon against any temporary post-peel redness. Wrap up in style and let your skin rejuvenate in peace.

🌡️ Indoor Heating Drama: The battle against indoor heating’s skin-drying effects is real. But fear not! Peels are your allies in this skirmish, restoring your skin’s radiance amidst the dry air war.

So there you have it – fall and winter are the dynamic duo that set the stage for peels to shine. Embrace the chill and let your skin revel in its newfound glow, and save 20% on all our Peels through 11/5/23