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EndyMed Skin Tightening

EndyMed Facial Skin Tightening Treatment

The most in-demand treatments in the industry,

EndyMed’s aesthetic solutions for face and neck lifting and tightening deliver exceptional immediate results that just get better after the last treatment. EndyMed provides clinically proven efficacy in wrinkle reduction and the most innovative solutions for non-surgical lifting and tightening for the eyes, face and neck. The treatment is relaxing, pain free and has no side effects.

  • Real Results
  • No Pain
  • No Downtime
  • Just Beautiful Skin




Body contouring has become a highly popular aesthetic procedure for patients looking for a non-invasive way to tighten loose skin, particularly after weight loss. Delivering amazing results with no downtime, EndyMed’s body contouring solutions provide the strongest, most effective treatments for body toning, tightening, and cellulite reduction.


Now more than ever the saying “Aging Gracefully” has taken on a whole new meaning. Women are staying active longer, having careers, managing companies and families all the while trying to take care of their bodies. We have many studies that prove that hormones not only factor into women’s body weight loss but their muscle tone and sculpting.

Body Contouring is a procedure in which the adipose (fat cells) on the areas of the body for both men and women are targeted and reduced. This is done by using radiofrequency (RF) just above the targeted area to warm up the fat cells enabling your body to subsequently eliminate the fat naturally through the lymphatic system. At Sneed Medispa and Wellness, we offer different treatment options for body contouring.

Body Sculpting is done by using a monopolar radio frequency energy that delivers, targeted, reputable, and uniform body sculpting to problem areas that diet and exercise resist. This non-invasive, non-surgical solution treats the subcutaneous fat layer, resulting in an average of 24% fat reduction. The device delivers RF heat to the subcutaneous fat layer while maintaining a comfortable skin temperature. 

At Sneed Medispa and Wellness, we are committed to offering our clients different body contouring and body sculpting options to help you find the stunning transformation you are desiring. With our professionally trained and licensed staff we can find the right service and procedure to give you the look and feel you want without surgery or downtime.

RF Microneedling


The demand for RF Microneedling treatments are on the rise, and becoming more popular. EndyMed’s RF Microneedling treatments are superior to all other microneedle treatments today, and unlike all other microneedle applicators in the market today, only EndyMed’s RF Microneedle handpiece has unique smooth glide needle insertion technology that provides comfortable and safe treatments with no bruising, bleeding or side-effects.

Fractional RF

EndyMed’s Fractional RF treatments are a unique and effective way to rejuvenate and resurface, tone and tighten the skin. Delivering RF energy deep into the skin, EndyMed’s Fractional RF treatments can be used on all skin types and colors without risks of damage or hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin with visible improvement even after the first treatment, with no downtime.