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Oxygen Facial

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To really get the most from a facial, you need something that does more than one thing. Good facials exfoliate the skin, but OxyGeneo oxygen-infused facials take the process one step further by infusing the skin with vital oxygen and nutrients. With a facial that helps your skin revitalize itself from the inside out, you can enjoy a younger-looking appearance for years to come. Call the experts at Sneed MediSpa and Wellness to learn more about this versatile treatment.

Why Choose the Oxygen Facial?

With OxyGeneo, you get more than a standard facial. You also get the infusion of serums specially designed for your skin concerns and gentle oxygenation of the treatment area. The oxygen facial is also safe for all skin types and can be repeated as needed.

What Is the 3-in-1 Super Facial?

The OxyGeneo facial is performed within three important steps: exfoliation, rejuvenation, and oxygenation.

1) Exfoliation involves the gentle removal of dead skin cells, which will build up and prevent the skin from looking as smooth and radiant as it could. Once these dead cells are exfoliated away, the skin begins to look and feel noticeably softer. This step also prepares your skin for what follows.

2) Infusion includes first using Capsugen, which will cleanse the skin and prepare it for the infusion of either NeoRevive™ or NeoBright™. NeoRevive™ revitalizes skin that has begun to show the signs of aging, while NeoBright™ improves its texture and tone. Our specialist will go over each specially formulated serum with you and help you find out which one is best for your needs.

3) Oxygenation is what makes the oxygen facial so special. The OxyGeneo process in particular forces CO2 bubbles to rise to the surface of the skin and burst, prompting the body to respond by sending highly oxygenated blood to the area. This process allows for increased blood flow in the area, allowing for healthier, younger-looking skin.

The entire process should take just about 30 minutes to complete from start to finish. You may want to avoid excessive sun exposure for the next day or two following your oxygen facial, but you should be free to go about your day as your normally would without the worry of recovery or downtime.

Learn About the Oxygen Facial at Sneed Medical

We are excited to offer the oxygen facial by OxyGeneo at Sneed MediSpa and Wellness. To meet with an aesthetic specialist who can tell you more about this treatment, call our office today.