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Massage Therapy

Memphis massage therapy service

The stresses of life can have an impact on both the mind and body. If you are like many people who live an active or busy lifestyle, you may experience tension in areas such as the shoulders and back. If you are looking to relieve pent up stress, massage therapy is an essential remedy for ensuring a better quality of life throughout your busy schedule.

What is Massage Therapy?

This form of relaxing therapy is a series of techniques and massage methods designed to address physical and health concerns to relieve tension and relax the muscles. Certified massage therapists use methods of manually pressing into the muscles and tissue with specialized strokes to minimize and relieve pent-up tension. It is a very beneficial treatment for athletes, pregnant women, and everyday people. This relaxing remedy can have you feeling your best so that you can perform at your best.

Types of Massage Therapy

There are different massage types that utilize specialized methods to target areas of tension. In our relaxing facility, you can receive a calming massage tailored to your needs. Different massage methods include:

Swedish Massage

This type of soothing massage uses various techniques like long strokes, kneading, deep circulation movements, vibration and tapping. Swedish massages are an excellent way to pinpoint and relieve areas of tension to loosen muscles and reduce aches and pains.

Sports Massage

Athletes are susceptible to soreness,aches, and pains from living a active lifestyle. A sports massage incorporates swedish and deep tissue methods for a remedy designed to improve mobility for optimal performance. This type of massage can relieve chronic tension adapted to the specific needs of athletes.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massages use high pressure motions to get down deep into tight and tense muscles. This form of therapy releases built up tension for stress release and relaxation.

Specialized massages can also incorporate the use of soothing essential oils and revitalizing botanicals. Oils add an even greater level of relaxation and can leave your skin looking hydrated and vibrant.

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Don’t let the stresses of everyday life have a negative effect on the functionality of your body. By choosing massage therapy, you can relax your way to stress relief and improved overall well-being. Reach out to us here at Sneed MediSpa and speak to one of our professionals about our massage therapy options. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!