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What is Halo Therapy?

Halo Therapy - Sneed MediSpa & Wellness
Breathing is something that many people take for granted because it is a natural process that can be done without thinking. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that have to struggle to give their lungs enough oxygen. Conditions like bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, hay fever and sinus inflammation can make breathing a chore. If you are struggling to eliminate the unwanted symptoms caused by one of these medical conditions, then you may want to consider using halo therapy at our office. Halo therapy is a form of alternative medicine that can address several respiratory conditions by delivering salt to the lungs through the airway passages. The salt will naturally kill any bacteria in the respiratory tract. The body will then safely expel the dead bacteria through the bloodstream. Once the bacteria are removed, your breathing will quickly improve. You will no longer have to worry about inflammation and mucus clogging your lungs and air passages. All you will have to do during a halo therapy appointment is sit in a room for a short period of time. This room will contain a device that distributes microscopic particles of salt in the breathing air. You will inhale the salt particles every time your take in air. While halo therapy is primarily used to treat problems with the respiratory tract, the salt may also help improve the appearance of your skin. You will need to undergo multiple treatment sessions to really improve your breathing. If you are using halo therapy to fix minor breathing issues caused by a temporary cold or infection, then you may only need to undergo a few sessions. Treating chronic respiratory conditions will require more sessions of halo therapy. Halo therapy is so safe that it can even be used on small children. The salt particles in the air are so small that they will not harm your clothing. Halo therapy is an extremely relaxing process that can drastically improve the quality of your life. It could allow you to have the active life you have always wanted without having to worry about quickly running out of breath. Make an appointment at Sneed MediSpa and Wellness in Memphis to get started with halo therapy. Contact our office today for a consultation!