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Tag: Dermal Fillers

Get your Lip Filler at Sneed Medispa 

Luscious lips are in! If you’re craving a plump, glossy, pillowy pout, Sneed Medispa and Wellness is here to show your lips some love. Voluptuous lips are considered a must have beauty trend with many ladies these days. Lip augmentations and lip enhancements are booming at most medical spas today. Dr. Kathryn Sneed is known for her ability to perform...

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Botox Party!

Are You Interested In Hosting a Botox Party?? Call us! Sneed Medispa and Wellness, Memphis, TN  Botox and Xeomin parties are trending! You can now host your own party with Sneed Medipsa and Wellness. So, if you are in line to plan the next girl’s night out but you are out of ideas, here is one for you, throw a Botox Party! What woman does...

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What is the difference between Xeomin and Dermal Fillers like Radiesse and Belotero?

Aging is inevitable but how about the look and feel of our skin? Many women are willing to fight the signs of aging and turn back the clock to care for their skin. Three popular injectables fight the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss.  Xeomin, Radiesse, and Belotero offer dynamic treatment options.  Xeomin or...

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