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Get your Lip Filler at Sneed Medispa 

Luscious lips are in! If you’re craving a plump, glossy, pillowy pout, Sneed Medispa and Wellness is here to show your lips some love. Voluptuous lips are considered a must have beauty trend with many ladies these days. Lip augmentations and lip enhancements are booming at most medical spas today. Dr. Kathryn Sneed is known for her ability to perform a natural-looking lip augmentation procedure with dermal fillers. As an advanced injector, Dr. Sneed has years of experience injecting fillers of all kinds, including Juvéderm XC, Voluma, Belotero and more. 

These days it is easier than ever to achieve the look you want with lip fillers, facial dermal fillers, lip flips, and more. We can consult with you on how lip augmentation can duplicate the effects of lip gloss, lip liner, lip contouring, and highlighter without fussing with makeup and lip liner.  

As we age, the natural edge of our lips becomes less defined, and we begin to lose collagen and fullness which can create lines around the lips. Lip fillers or dermal fillers like Juvéderm XC can make your lip line more distinct while also plumping the lip back to achieve a fuller more youthful lip. 

The pursuit of perfectly pillowy lips is about proportion and balance. Ideally, the lower lip is slightly larger than the upper lip. Not only will the lip filler add volume, but lip injections also define the lips, highlight the bow shape of the lips, and give a full, glossy effect. 

If you are new to the lip augmentation process, Sneed Medispa will begin with a consultation to determine which hyaluronic acid filler best suits your individual needs and desired look. Sneed Medispa uses many types of dermal fillers. Many fillers have a variety of uses and can be injected into multiple areas of the face, but some fillers are more suitable for the lips and areas around the mouth. 

Once you start researching lip augmentation procedures, you will find a variety of different fillers that help plump and hydrate the lips in diverse ways. For example, Belotero an injectable dermal filler, made from hyaluronic acid, that is naturally found in your skin. Once Belotero is injected, it binds with water to make the lips feel fuller and softer.  

Another new injectable dermal filler is called Revanesse Versa. Versa for the lips is similar to Beletoro which is also a hyaluronic acid. Dermal fillers assist in correcting the appearance of creases and facial wrinkles and lip filler.  

If you are searching for lip augmentation near me and you are ready to give lip augmentation a try or have further questions about the procedure, do not hesitate to contact Sneed Medispa of Memphis at (901) 236-7722. Dr. Sneed is certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.