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Treat Female Rejuvenation with ThermiVa

Vaginal elasticity - Sneed MediSpa & Wellness
The passage of time can affect every part of the body. Although many people prefer not to talk about it, this can be true of our intimate areas as well. Luckily, there are options available to correct this problem. ThermiVa® is an amazing, non-surgical option for rejuvenating intimate parts and taking charge of your intimate health. What is ThermiVa®? The great thing about this treatment is it can work on both the outer and inner tissues of the vagina. Radiofrequency waves are used to stimulate your body into producing both collagen and elastin fibers. This adds volume to the tissue and makes it healthier. This is a non-surgical procedure that was designed with your comfort in mind. Many women also choose to have this done externally. It can be effectively used on the labia minora and majora to improve both their appearance and their function. Sagging can be dealt with, and the area is left smoother and softer. ThermiVa® Treatments Many women find it beneficial to have more than one treatment session of ThermiVa® to address their intimate elasticity. Luckily, each treatment session should take just minutes to complete. There is no downtime associated with ThermiVa® treatments, meaning you can immediately go back to your normal life. Why Choose ThermiVa®? This is a very popular treatment for women seeking a treatment for female rejuvenation and elasticity. There are many reasons for this, including:
  • It increases confidence
  • It increases sensitivity, allowing for greater pleasure
  • It enhances your partner’s pleasure
  • You get an increase in natural lubrication
  • The handpiece allows the level of heat to be customized
  • Urinary incontinence can be reduced or stopped
Any woman who is experiencing issues in this area is encouraged to learn more about ThermiVa® treatments with our team at Sneed MediSpa and Wellness in Memphis. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!