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Fat Loss with truSculpt 3D Non-Surgical Treatments

Sneed Medispa and Wellness Over 70% of the United States is overweight, yet over 64 million Americans have use of a gym or gym membership. When dieting and exercise are still not helping with problem areas there is now a new treatment solution. A remarkable new dimension in body sculpting is here....

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Body Contouring with Vanquish

Vanquish is a nonsurgical, FDA-approved, body contouring‚ÄĮprocedure for the reduction of adipose cells (fat cells) on the areas of the body for both women and men. Radiofrequency (RF) is applied just above the targeted area to warm up the fat cells enabling your body to subsequently eliminate the...

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Target Stubborn Fat with Vanquish Fat Reduction

What is it about your body that bothers you? Some people are troubled by their double chin, and others are frustrated by the size of their belly. If excess fat bothers you, Vanquish fat reduction could be the answer. Maybe you thought that a tummy tuck was the right idea for you. So you hop online and you do a little bit of research. Quickly, you...

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What Kinds of Body Contouring Procedures are Available?

There are now dozens of different body contouring procedures to choose from, and every treatment has its own pros and cons. Our team is ready to help you come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to eradicate stubborn body fat and other unwanted imperfections. We have found that Vanquish offers amazing results when it comes to body contouring,...

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