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Save with Sneed Medispa Services with our Membership Packages.

Sneed Medispa

At Sneed Medispa, we know looking your best makes you feel your best. Take advantage of our Sneed Medispa Membership Packages and always get the best price on your favorite medical spa services. We offer several types of membership packages designed to give you outstanding skin treatments including facials, peels, and laser services. We also have memberships for your favorite injectables like Botox and dermal fillers. Here are a couple of our membership packages for your consideration.  

Restore and Revitalize Membership: 

(Premium Membership only $169.00 Per Month) 

Choose 2 of the following every month: 

Chemical Peel (Retin A) 


Custom 1-hour facial OxyGeneo (limit 4 for year) 

Acne Extraction Facial 

LED facial 

IPL for the face, chest, forearms, or hands (limit 4 per year) 

Micro Needling Facial Limit (4 times a year 

Medium area of Laser Hair Removal 

PRP Injection session for hair, scalp, or face 

Vanquish Session (limit 2 per year) 

Plus 15% of skin care products and 20% off any other service per month 

Restore and Revise Elite Level Membership $249.00 a month 

Choose 3 of the following every month 

Chemical Peel 


Custom 1 hour facial (Oxygeno limit 4 per year) 

Acne Extraction Facial 

LED Facial  

IPL Face, chest, forearms, or hands (limit 4 times a year) 

Medium Area of Laser Hair Removal 

Micro Needling Facial 

Facial Vascular Lesion Removal 

PRP Injection Hair, Scalp, and Face 

EndyMed Skin Tightening-up to medium area 

Vanquish Session (limit 4 per year) 

20% off al skin care products and 25% off any other services per month. 

Body Bliss  

$ 299 a month 

Vanquish 1 area (limit 3 per year) 

Laser Hair Removal (1 large area a year) (limit 3 per year) 

EndyMed 1 area (limit 3 per year) 

Laser Vein therapy-45 minutes of treatment 

IV therapies with add-ons and Halo-therapy 

10% of all Sneed Medispa and Wellness Retail Products or 15% off if Body Bliss member also has another form of membership 

These are only a few of our memberships, but we also offer amazing prices on any of our treatments. At Sneed Medispa, our mission is to help every client Renew, Revitalize, and Restore. We offer memberships so each client can receive the utmost care from our Sneed Medispa services. These membership packages also make excellent gifts. Who does not like to feel pampered? At Sneed Medispa, we take pride in ensuring every client feels relaxed and pampered before they leave our spa. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone to enjoy our services that is why you find such an enormous amount of savings at Sneed Medispa through our membership packages. Contact us today for more information on our membership packages, or to book an appointment. You can reach us at (901) 236-7722