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See a Younger You with BOTOX

BOTOX - Sneed MediSpa & Wellness
If your face is showing the effects of aging in the form of eyebrow or forehead wrinkles, you may be looking for treatment options. Have you considered BOTOX®? You may have heard of its ability to reduce common signs of aging like wrinkles, but you might have questions about the process or concerns to be addressed before making your decision. We invite you to learn about this popular and effective treatment. What is BOTOX®? BOTOX® is a cosmetic treatment that helps to minimize the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, squint lines, lines on the neck, and horizontal forehead wrinkles. The product consists of a liquid used for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles. It works by relaxing underlying muscles found beneath these common signs of age. By relaxing the affected muscles, the dynamic wrinkles that they once caused will no longer appear or become less prominent. After three to six months, the product will have been absorbed and metabolized by your body. How long will my results last? Patients typically enjoy results that last from three to six months. After that, you may require periodic follow-up sessions to maintain your initial results. As every individual is different, this is of course subject to the needs and specifications of your own skin and body. One patient may respond to the treatment somewhat differently than others. How long before I notice results? Some patients first notice the results of their treatment within days, but others may take up to weeks to experience maximum results. We may ask you to return for a follow-up visit to assess your response to the treatment. In some cases, the initial application may work only partially. This is not unexpected, and ideal results may only be evident after the second or third session. If you feel BOTOX® may be the right option for you, feel free to reach out and to set up an appointment with us! At Sneed MediSpa and Wellness in Memphis, our caring team would be delighted to take you through the workings of this and help you decide if you would make a good candidate. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! Our office is located in Memphis, TN.