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Hair Restoration with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy - Sneed MediSpa & Wellness
Every day, you look in the mirror to check for more hair loss. It started as a few strands falling out when you combed your hair in the morning. Your hair loss has slowly progressed. You have noticed how your hairline is receding. You started using over-the-counter products that are supposed to stop hair loss in its tracks. They haven’t worked. You’re at wit’s end. Mesotherapy could be the solution you need to help you restore your hair. How Can Mesotherapy Help You? Mesotherapy is a medical treatment that involves injections into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. These injections contain a blend of carefully selected ingredients. Ingredients include hormones, plant extracts, vitamins, and enzymes. The injections go beneath the top layer of skin on your scalp to penetrate the mesoderm, or middle layer. They use needles that are small and delicate, addressing inflammation that may be causing damage to your hair follicles. They’ll also stimulate your circulation. With consistent treatment, your hair follicles can be more effective once again. What Happens During and After Mesotherapy? We will first evaluate your scalp in order to target the areas where you have experienced hair loss. Your scalp will be numbed in these areas. Once you are numb, numerous injections will be made in the areas of concern to focus on follicles that have stopped working. Expect to come back for an additional treatment. You may find that is necessary to come in numerous times before you see an improvement in hair growth. It all depends on the unique case. You won’t notice new hair growth overnight. It is going to take time for mesotherapy to go to work. Within months, your hair should be coming in fuller and thicker. By choosing mesotherapy, you can avoid more involved procedures. If you don’t want hair transplant surgery, mesotherapy could be a great option for you. Learn More Information Don’t ignore your hair loss. You don’t have to accept it as par for the course. The sooner you act, the sooner you can watch your hair make its return. The first step is to make a consultation at Sneed MediSpa and Wellness in Memphis. Your scalp will be assessed and you will be asked questions about your hair loss. Learn more about the procedure and whether or not it is right for you. Contact us today to book your consultation!