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Get Gorgeous Skin Instantly with an Oxygen Facial

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Alas, there is no miracle cream or procedure out there that will give us glowing, perfect skin overnight. Over the years the wear and tear our skin goes through on a daily basis adds up. Gorgeous skin takes care and commitment. There is no magical makeup that can give you the glow and confidence that comes from having naturally healthy, beautiful skin. An oxygen facial treatment can put you on the path to the naturally gorgeous skin you desire. We at Sneed Medispa & Wellness are proud to offer the OxyGeneo oxygen-infused facial and invite you to learn more about it. What is an Oxygen Facial? Simply put, an oxygen facial uses a specialized machine that sprays a high concentration of oxygen molecules directly into the epidermis layer of your skin (the top layer). However, it’s no standard oxygen. The oxygen facial is infused with a special blend of nutrients. The oxygen facial is designed to reinvigorate your skin, leaving it looking and feeling healthy and gorgeous. Steps of an Oxygen Facial
  • Exfoliation entails the gentle removal of dead skin, which tends to accumulate and keep the skin from exhibiting its peak radiance. Once these useless cells are exfoliated, the skin begins to look and feel noticeably softer. This portion also readies your skin for the subsequent stages.
  • Infusion involves using Capsugen to purify the skin and prepare it for the infusion of either NeoBright™ or NeoRevive™. NeoRevive™ refreshes skin that gives indications of aging, while NeoBright™ improves tone and texture. Our skin care professional will explain each unique serum with you to help you learn which most accommodates your needs and aesthetic goals.
  • Oxygenation is what makes the oxygen facial stand out. This step forces CO2 bubbles to rise to the surface of the skin and burst, cuing the body to send highly oxygenated blood to the area. This process results in younger-looking, healthier skin by allowing for increased blood flow.
There are many more benefits that the OxyGeneo oxygen facial can provide for you. If you aren’t happy with the condition of your skin and want that young, healthy glow back, get in touch with Sneed MediSpa & Wellness and book an appointment with us! At our office in Memphis, our team of friendly professionals will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have and help you reach your aesthetic vision. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!