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Professional Eyelash Extensions at Sneed Medispa

If you are sick of mascara running down your face, dark smudges around your eyes making you look more tired than you feel, it’s time to see an eye lash professional at Sneed Medispa in East Memphis. Millions of women are throwing away their mascara and opting for a more polished way to accentuate their eyes. No longer exclusively for special occasions, lash extensions have become customizable. Whether you want a striking look or a more natural look, Sneed Medispa’s lash professionals will work with you to achieve wide-eyed, wispy, fluttering lashes. 

What are Eyelash Extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers, made from a variety of sources, such as faux mink, or synthetic silk. The fibers are carefully applied with semi-permanent glue to your original eyelashes to make them look longer and fuller.  

Most beauty fans are familiar with eyelash extensions. You can buy them at any store with beauty products but be careful. The do-it-yourself, buy and apply approach is riddled with complications.  Not only messy and difficult to apply, but the look is also usually fake, and your eyelashes feel uncomfortable and heavy. 

What to Expect  

At Sneed Medispa, our licensed estheticians safely and professionally apply lashes in a few easy steps: 

  • Cleansing – you will want to arrive at your appointment make-up free if possible, during this step your lash pro will thoroughly cleanse your eye of any make-up residue, shedding skin, oils, or dirt so that the eyelash extension procedure causes little to no irritation. 
  • Taping and Eye Gel application – during this step your lash pro applies tape and eye gel pads to your upper and lower lid so that your lash pro can see the eyelashes more clearly. 
  • Application – using tweezers and semi-permanent glue your lash professional carefully applies your chosen fiber by dipping the extension in the glue and applying it to each original eyelash. 
  • Drying – once eyelashes are applied the glue needs to dry to ensure you do not experience any breakage. 
  • Removing tape and eye gel pads – in this final step your lash expert will remove the eye gel pads and tape and brush your new beautiful extended lashes.  Et Voila!  

At Sneed Medispa, we pride ourselves in ensuring every client looks and feels their best after every procedure. Lash extensions will renew your confidence, shorten your makeup routine and leave you feeling gorgeous. As with all cosmetic procedures, results may vary.  Call (901) 236-7722 to schedule an appointment for your consultation today!  

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