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Experience the Benefits of Skin and Collagen IV Treatments

Collagen - Sneed MediSpa & Wellness
As mature adults, we often yearn for the youthful, glowing, smooth, and supple skin we enjoyed when we were younger. The reasons for visually noticeable skin health degradation are many and include environmental factors, a lessened ability for the skin to retain moisture, duplication of damaged skin cells, and a decreased amount of collagen in the skin layers. In fact, collagen makes up nearly 80 percent of the dry weight of our skin. Collagen is a protein, and there are several different types of collagen in our skin. The amount decreases with age. Collagen induction can be tricky, but direct skin treatment via the introduction of nutrients including vitamins can help restore the desired concentration of collagen in the dermal layers. Why is Collagen Important? Collagen is what gives the skin its strength. In general, proteins are necessary for structure. Without proteins, our organs, tendons, ligaments, and muscles would be loose, susceptible to breakage and puncturing, and show an inability to keep their shape. We wouldn’t even be able to stand and move about properly without an adequate amount of proteins in our organic tissues, even if our bones were healthy and strong. Skin and collagen IV treatments involve the taking of specialized supplements in combination with changes in diet and exercise. Some of our clients accept a more complex health regimen that includes ongoing consultations, treatments, and other services. We can design a complete rejuvenation regimen that’s customized for each and every individual based on his or her specific skin concerns. How IV Treatment Can Help The idea is for your body to use the information in your DNA to produce everything from hair cells and cell membranes to proteins such as collagen. The Collagen IV treatment results in the ability of the vitamins to communicate with the DNA to produce the proper amount of proteins, including collagen. Remember that we can eat foods that contain complete or incomplete proteins, but the body won’t use much of the incomplete proteins to form complete proteins without the necessary vitamins and other nutrients. During a consultation, you can learn about all of the benefits and uses of skin and collagen IV treatments. For example, as it states in an IV for Life article, one patient needed IV therapy for chronic fatigue, dermatitis and to help detox the liver (after having been exposed to toxins such as mold and pesticides). The patient reported feeling energy that increased by at least 70 percent, and his skin dramatically improved as well. Here at Sneed MediSpa & Wellness, we can give your skin and health a regenerative boost. You are warmly invited to set up an appointment at our office in Memphis to learn more information about our services, including skin and collagen IV treatments. Contact us today to book a consultation!