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BOTOX: Erase Unwanted Lines and Wrinkles

botox - Sneed MediSpa & Wellness
Most of us look for a quick fix for facial lines and wrinkles. This sign of aging is of concern to us because it directly affects our appearance and how others perceive us. Of course, most quick fixes aren’t very effective, but there’s certainly one exception. It’s called BOTOX®, and it has the ability to dramatically erase unwanted lines and wrinkles. The dynamic wrinkles that form when we squint, frown, or smile are there because the skin no longer contains adequate moisture and also because the skin, due to a decrease in the amount of collagen it holds, is less supple. These fine wrinkles can be treated without the need for surgery or abrasive resurfacing. BOTOX® minimizes the appearance of crow’s feet and other wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles that control the movement of the skin. Relaxing the Muscles BOTOX® has an amazing effect on muscles. When injected into muscle tissue, it blocks the nerve signals that would otherwise command these muscles to contract. This results in a smoother skin surface and less noticeable wrinkling. It’s most effective for diminishing the appearance of fine lines near the eyes, on top of the nose bridge, and on the forehead. The All-Important Consultation BOTOX® isn’t something that can be purchased over-the-counter for at-home treatment. It takes a skilled professional to correctly administer the treatment. We need to consult with the client so that we can examine the strength and size of the upper-level facial muscles, watch as certain facial expressions are made, and note the location and severity of the wrinkling. We choose the injection sites carefully so as to not affect the lower-level muscles. We can perform the treatment in just minutes, and the full effect is noticed by the client in the days that follow. BOTOX® is effective for about three to six months. Repeat injections are just as easy to perform. The muscles can actually get used to being in a more relaxed state, so less of the fluid may be required during subsequent treatments. The sensory nerves aren’t affected, so the face won’t become numb and lose feeling. In fact, most of our clients pretty much forget they even got the treatment because the ability to feel the face and make all types of expressions, from frowning to pouting to smiling, is still there. Get Rid of Age-Related Wrinkles BOTOX® isn’t a permanent fix, but it’s quite an effective stop-gap treatment for those who aren’t yet considering something more invasive such as a facelift. You can learn more during a consultation at Sneed MediSpa & Wellness in Memphis. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started!